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The Brothers & Co. Bus, NOAH'S ARK

The Brothers & Co. Bus will be in Jamestown and Cedarville this Saturday with candy for Beggars Night!

Jamestown/Cedarville – Jamestown music and variety group, The Brothers & Co. Entertainers, will hit the road to pass out Halloween candy during Beggars Night hours in Jamestown and Cedarville Saturday evening.

The activity is meant to provide additional entertainment and an additional safe Trick-or-Treat option for the kids and adults while encouraging family-friendly entertainment.

“Offering family-friendly entertainment is a big deal with us,” said Brothers & Co. magician and bass singer Jim Karns of Fairborn. “Bringing the bus into town gives us the opportunity to help kids have a great Halloween night and encourage family activities.”

While candy supplies last, ghosts and goblins can visit The Brothers & Co. bus, Noah’s Ark, in Jamestown between 5:30 and 6:00 PM and in Cedarville from 6:15 until 7:00 PM. The group will also be appearing in concert at the Cedarville Opera House at 7:30 PM on Saturday November 13th. For more information visit the band’s website at http://www.thebrothersandcompany.com.

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