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Jamestown Commercial Writing Firm Announces Re-Launch

In Business, Local News, Media, Uncategorized on December 29, 2010 at 10:39 am

GLD Enterprises Commercial Writing managing copywriter Gery L. Deer at his Jamestown office.

JAMESTOWN – After nearly a year of retooling, the management of GLD Enterprises Commercial Writing in Jamestown is looking forward, and in a new direction. Established in 1998 as a media production and talent referral agency, the company has changed names and focus to concentrate solely on business copywriting and public relations consulting services.

Freelance writer and speaker Gery L. Deer is the managing copywriter and owner of the firm. While much of his early background is in engineering and technology, he has had more than two decades of experience in freelance journalism, public relations and commercial business writing.

“We were already handling a good deal of work in the areas of business writing and public relations, so it wasn’t a difficult transition but it meant redirecting our focus, especially in the new economy,” said Deer. The company has already provided services to major players in the Dayton regional business market including accounting firms, chiropractic clinics, marketing and advertising agencies, construction firms and specialty companies.

No stranger to the business community, Deer has worked with some of the best known organizations such as Standard Register, IBM and Whirlpool Corporation. As a freelance writer, he has provided content and editorial services to every major print publication in the Dayton region and had his share of notoriety.

In 2010 Deer was nominated for the Ohio Public Image Network Award in Media and considered for a Pulitzer Prize in journalism. His weekly, self-syndicated op-ed column, Deer In Headlines, is featured in more than a dozen print and online publications. His work in the entertainment industry spans the gambit from stage to television and includes event development, script consulting, stunt work and variety performance.

“Over the years, nothing proved to be more important to the success of any business than a consistent message,” Deer said. “We work alongside marketing and public relations personnel to bring more focus to a company’s message inside and outside the business.”

Reworking the operation required some outside input, so Deer enlisted the resources available through the Small Business Development Center at Wright State University’s Raj Soin College of Business. Over three months students from the college were assigned to help analyze the company’s business plan and make adjustments where needed.

The result was a thoroughly different company, complete with a new marketing objective, updated products and a fresh website full of information and testimonials reflecting more than a decade of work in the commercial writing industry.

Thanks to an efficient network of contacts, GLD Enterprises Commercial Writing, nicknamed The Concierge Copywriter ™, will be able to assist companies located anywhere in the country. According to Deer, however, they will focus on the areas of Dayton, Columbus and Cincinnati, Ohio at first.

“The southwest central Ohio region is underestimated and underserved in the areas of business copywriting and media relations, especially the small and medium sized companies,” Deer said. “There are blossoming new industries forming in the wake of a diminishing recession and I believe we can help them grow.”

Deer also noted that the new spin-off firm will operate out of their main office in the studios of GLD Enterprises & Productions in Jamestown. For more information, contact Gery L. Deer by calling (937) 902-4857 or visit www.theconciergecopywriter.com.

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