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Jamestown Firm Offers Resume Help

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GREENE COUNTY, OH – As hundreds of thousands of Ohioans continue to search for a job, a well written resume can get be the difference between getting the interview and getting shut out. GLD Enterprises Commercial Writing based in Jamestown has just announced an affordable service for those having trouble creating an effective resume.

While a resume will rarely be the determining factor in why an applicant is hired, it is usually the first impression that a potential employer gets of the individual. For as little as $20 per hour, GLD Enterprises Commercial Writing will work one-on-one with clients to help customize a resume to suit the applicant and the desired position.

Owner and managing copywriter of GLD Enterprises, Gery L. Deer, is an award-nominated freelance journalist and business writer. “A resume is one of the most important parts of anyone’s job search and, oddly, it’s also the one document that is reviewed more subjectively than people realize,” Deer said. “There is no way to really know what a human resources professional is going to be looking for, so it’s important that the information is well written, clearly explained and economically worded.”

According to Deer, basic language and communication skills are essential to any job and many resume coaches or free help centers ignore a prime factor in resume development – the writing. “Resume help programs often over emphasize the layout of a resume, or more trivial issues like whether your name should be in bold print,” he said. “We can help the applicant to focus on the wording and content of the document to make it stand out from the competition. The improvement they gain in their communications skills will
also benefit them once they land their new job.”

In addition, help is available for preparing job-specific cover letters and for those job-hunting professionals who require a CV, or curriculum vitae, which is a more expanded listing of academic achievement and work history. For a minimal hourly fee, GLD Enterprises experts can also assist people with the completion of online job applications, which can often be tedious and frustrating.

“If people have patients, and prepare before trying to fill out internet-based job applications, the process will go smoothly, but it is still time consuming. We can help with that,” Deer said. For more information on resume assistance programs call GLD Enterprises Commercial Writing at (937) 902-4857 or visitwww.gerydeer.com.


Modern Liberal Society Rewards Self-Destructive Behavior

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Commentary By Gery L. Deer


Over the last month the rags to riches story of the homeless man with the “golden voice,” Ted Williams, captured national attention. One minute he’s begging for change along a busy intersection in Columbus, and the next he’s being offered high-paying voiceover jobs. The Cleveland Cavaliers even offered Williams his own home at no cost.

During an appearance on The Dr. Phil Show, television host Dr. Phil McGraw asked Williams some tough questions that had to have crossed the minds of millions. Paraphrasing what Dr. Phil said to him, “Ok, so you’ve been in trouble with the law, been on drugs and alcohol, abandoned your wife and children, and now you’re getting a second chance. Why do you think this time will be different?” Williams really had no response.

A few weeks later, Dr. Phil’s concerns are realized when Williams is arrested after a drunken fight with his daughter. He is now in rehab, thanks to some straight talk and a compassionate, if not misplaced intervention by Dr. Phil.

Williams was plucked from homelessness and a life of drugs and drinking and plopped down in the middle of fame and fortune and yet people had some ridiculous idea that he would suddenly change his ways. Why are people so much more willing to help someone with a troubled past than to support people who have stayed on the straight and narrow their entire lives?

For those who work hard their whole lives, struggle to pay the bills, stay away from drugs and booze and do everything they can to secure a home and job, stories like this are extremely frustrating. It seems to some that working hard and staying cleans only means that the breaks will never come.

Modern American (liberal) society seems more and more to look down on the working person and holds the lazy, entitlement-driven, drunken and disorderly in higher regard than ever. Today’s celebrities, for example, are valued not for their talent but for their ability to beat a DUI arrest or drug bust.

Spare the “it’s an addiction” defense. In order to become addicted to something, a person has to start doing it in the first place. It is seriously doubtful that anyone held a gun to Mr. Williams’ head the first time he emptied a bottle of Grey Goose, which he is reported to have been drinking before his latest arrest.

It’s unrealistic and hopelessly optimistic to think that someone with such a long history of destructive behavior is suddenly going to change because he got money and a haircut. In fact, it generally goes the other way. People who are yanked from a sorted existence of their own making only tend to indulge to the extreme when given the opportunity.

So what will become of Mr. Williams? Statistics are against him, unfortunately. Since he did not choose to go to rehab on his own, instead being shamed into the decision on national television, it is unlikely that his recovery will be successful. Adding that he may emerge with more fame and money than was available before his rehab stint, the sudden kick in status from having nothing to getting everything will probably have him seeing the bottom of a bottle sooner than later.

Statistics can be wrong, of course, and the man with the golden voice might just get his life together. After all, not everyone has the opportunity to have Dr. Phil come to their rescue.

For everyone else out there who is working hard and staying clear of temptation, keep it up. It might seem frustrating at times that no bleeding heart do-gooder will ever swoop in to solve your problems for you, but there really is a light at the end of the tunnel. The real trick is to know how to turn it on — hard work, persistence, and faith in yourself.

Gery L. Deer is a freelance columnist and business writer based in Jamestown. Read more at http://www.gerydeer.com.

Only Loughner Is To Blame for Tucson Shooting

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Commentary By Gery L. Deer


As authorities work to piece together more details on the Tucson, Arizona shooting that killed six and critically injured Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, people should be mindful of the dangers involved with courting rumor and speculation.

Pundits are inundating the airways and cyberspace with opinions, speculation and finger pointing in an effort to use this horrific event to discredit the platform of their opponents. Politicizing this event in such a way is shameful.

While there is little doubt that the shooter, 22-year-old Jared Lee Loughner, is a deeply troubled and unstable individual, no evidence has been uncovered at this point to support theories of conspiracy. Nor has he been officially tied to any sort of anti-government organization or political party.

Yet, there is further talk about this man being encouraged to violence by the politicians themselves through metaphor or badly worded speeches and writings. However, to blame Sarah Palin, Barak Obama or anyone else for this man’s twisted behavior is pointless and disrespectful to all involved, particularly the victims.

The events of January 7th were perpetrated by one man whose dissatisfaction with the world around him combined with his mental and emotional issues to push him over the edge of reason and compassion.

No doubt the Hollywood left will soon weigh in about the fact that the man used a gun. A gun control argument regarding this situation is pointless. If Loughner was as mentally disturbed as has been reported, he would have found a way to do this, whether by way of a gun or some other weapon. And if the gun could not be bought legally, he would have obtained it illegally.

Just a reminder, Presidents Reagan and Kennedy were both shot while surrounded by the United States Secret Service – the best-trained and best-armed security officers in the history of the world. Crackpots will always find a way.

Through all of the mindless conjecture being bantered about on television news and talk radio, one argument does have some merit. Political rhetoric and unrest is at a long-time high in America right now. Not since the Vietnam War have Americans been so politically divided.

Clearly America’s political landscape is toxic and shows no immediate signs of improvement. Even so, how one chooses to respond to the current state of government separates activists from lunatics. There is no way to know what Loughner hoped to gain by attacking Congresswoman Giffords, but it is likely he expected to be killed in the attempt.

No one made this man act as he did. It was his choice – whether he proves out to be sane or not. His political or emotional motives are little comfort to families and friends of his victims who struggle to cope with the loss and injury of loved ones.

The big question now is to determine how something like this can be prevented from happening again? Unfortunately, there is just no way to do that. As long as there is a voice of the people, there will be no way to please everyone and fanatics always manage to float to the top, like flotsam in the currents of history.

Occasionally, those fanatics turn out to be great heroes, like our own founding fathers. Usually, however, they are just misguided malcontents who never see the bigger picture or have any understanding of how their actions affect others.

Winston Churchill said, “Democracy is the worst form of government, except for all the others.” As long as people are free to speak their minds, people will voice their discontent. Practiced peacefully, protest brings about healthy change and keeps politicians on the straight and narrow. When protest turns violent however, as it did in Tucson, innocent people pay the price.

Gery L. Deer is a freelance writer and columnist based in Jamestown, Ohio. More at http://www.gerydeer.com

Xenia BNI Informational Session Set For Friday at XACC Office

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XENIA, OH – Jim Weghorst, executive director of the Miami Valley region of BNI, or
Business Network International, has announced the formation of new chapter of
the organization in Xenia. Local business professionals are invited to attend a
free informational session beginning at 1 p.m. on Friday January 14 in the
meeting room of the Xenia Area Chamber of Commerce office, 334 W. Market Street.
Weghorst will show participants how referral based networking can increase
visibility, credibility and profitability in today’s difficult economic

The international BNI organization was started in 1985 by professional
networking guru Dr. Ivan Misner and has grown to more than 5,000 chapters
world-wide.  The goal of BNI is to help members develop a profitable,
direct-contact referral network free of internal competition because only one
representative from each profession is allowed per chapter. Through the BNI
structure, a network of professional connections will grow well beyond the core
group and extend small business contacts to unrealized potential customers.

Local writer and public relations consultant Gery L. Deer, of Jamestown, is a
long-time member of the Greater Dayton Professionals Chapter of BNI which meets
in Beavercreek. Deer has served several positions in his chapter’s leadership
team over the years and will be attending Friday’s session to answer questions
and offer a member’s perspective.

“A membership in BNI compliments other networking activities such as chambers of
commerce and service clubs while offering the opportunity to grow by focusing on
the exchange of qualified referrals rather than cold leads,” said Deer. “My
chapter closed 2010 with over a million dollars in referred sales and my hope is
that a chapter in the Xenia area can do the same.”

BNI also offers members access to extensive educational programs in the areas of
business growth and networking. For more information call Jim Weghorst at (513)
314-1236 or go online to www.bni.com.