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New Book By Reclusive Local Author Highlights Judeo Christian Mysticism

In Local News, Media, National News, Senior Lifestyle on June 29, 2011 at 1:05 pm

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Images Old and New by Sarah Seymour-Winfield

GREENE COUNTY – A Greene County author now shares with readers a similarly controversial book, the result of a twenty-year journey following a deep, personal spiritual awakening. Officially released by Greyden Press in June, Images Old and New by Sarah Seymour-Winfield is described as, “A scholarly book about Christian mysticism.”

The book is a painstakingly referenced mixture of theologically-based studies including literature, philosophy and spiritualism, offering the reader unique insights into the Bible and its origins. The author’s goal is to help readers on a path to their own illumination.

“Long ago on Mount Sinai, Moses, Aaron, and seventy-two privileged men actually saw the God of Israel and with Him actually ate and drank,” recalled Seymour-Winfield. “Likewise, Images Old and New grants the contemporary reader a similar mystical privilege through the readings of Scripture alone – to see God in the contemporary world and live.”

Because of Seymour-Winfield’s notable public absence, the author is being represented by Gery L. Deer, senior publicist and managing copywriter with GLD Enterprises Commercial Writing in Jamestown. “Sarah’s work has received outstanding reviews from theological experts around the country,” Deer said. “Early interest in the book has been surprising, from the devout and the secular alike, particularly in the academic community.”

According to Deer, Images Old and New has been chosen as an accompanying text this fall for one of the religion courses at the University of Dayton. Writers of theologically-based fiction are also showing great interest in Images. The book is to be the focus of several panel sessions during the 2011 Context Alternative Fiction Literary Conference in Columbus, August 28-30.

Currently the book is available in paper and hardback editions online, directly from the publisher or by contacting the author’s publicist, Gery L. Deer by calling (937) 902-4857. Limited copies are available for scholarly review by application to the publicist. Excerpts and a full bibliography, as well as scholarly reviews of the book, are available on the official website http://www.imagesoldandnew.com.

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