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CENTERVILLE, OH – Centerville Coin & Jewelry Connection will host a personal appearance on December 1, 2011, by

Ne’Qwa Art National Director and demonstration artist Trieste Cordova

Art National Director and demonstration artist Trieste Cordova.

As a representative for Ne’Qwa Art, Cordova travels to stores throughout the year demonstrating reverse painting on glass, a centuries-old art technique that is practiced only by a very few, highly skilled painters. She will be traveling to more than twenty stores this fall answering questions about Ne’Qwa Art and its line of mouth-blown glass decorative accessories.

Cordova will first meet with collectors at a luncheon from 12 – 1 p.m., then will teach the art of reverse-painting on glass in a workshop from 1 – 3 p.m. The luncheon and workshop will be held at Savona Restaurant, 79 W. Main St., Centerville.

Later in the day from 4 – 7 p.m., Cordova will sign ornamental Ne’Qwa pieces at Centerville Coin & Jewelry Connection, 38 W. Franklin St, Centerville, OH.

Centerville Coin & Jewelry Connection is one of a selected few retailers in the United States to host this signature event. All Ne’Qwa ornaments purchased at the event, or pre-purchased through Centerville Coin & Jewelry Connection may be signed, and clients will be allowed a signature on one piece brought from home.

After nearly four decades and four generations, Centerville Coin & Jewelry Connection has become the largest coin shop in the Dayton area with more than 4,000 square feet of coins, gifts, jewelry and collectibles.

The family operated shop offers design and repair, customized engraving services, watch battery replacement and refurbishment, personal shopper and corporate gift giving services, school and community fund-raising. Appraisal services are also available.

A fine source of unique gifts, the store offers something for everyone and every occasion. Some of their popular product lines include Lula Bell Art & Designs, Swarovski, Chamilia, Robeez, Kameleon, Stephanie Dawn, Ugly Dolls, Ne’Qwa, Willow Tree, Ne’Qwa, Spartina 449, Poo~Pourri, Lolita and Root Candles.

Admission to the signing is free and open to the public. For more information contact Leslie Marsh, Centerville Coin & Jewelry Connection, 38 W. Franklin St, Centerville, OH, 937-436-3003.

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