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Jamestown music group dazzles the BellHOP Cafe

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The Brothers & Co. at the BellHOP Cafe.

The Brothers & Co. at the BellHOP Cafe.

BELLBROOK, OH – As part of their whistle-stop tour of the Miami Valley, The Brothers & Co. Variety Show appeared last Saturday at Bellbrook’s,  BellHOP Café. The show really started with the arrival of the group’s tour bus, which somewhat dwarfed the venue. The 40-foot, Silver Eagle coach has been restored over time to suit this unique group’s style of family and fun.

Playing to nearly a full house, The Brothers & Co. featured four-part vocals by pianist Gery L. Deer, bass player Jim Karns, guitar and banjo man Ed Jones and percussionist Gary Deer Jr., all in matching black, western outfits. They covered songs by George Jones, John Denver and their main inspiration, The Statler Brothers, as well as their comedy original, “Bingo Night,” and Ed Jones’ ballad, “Sweet Days.”

IMG_6759The Brothers & Co. Entertainers are an Americana act started in 1995 and best known for their 1960s variety show style and family-friendly content. Each show features covers of The Statler Brothers, The Monkees, John Denver, and George Jones as well as many original pieces.

This performance celebrated a particular milestone for The Brothers & Co., celebrating their 18th year on stage alongside the recovery of their bass singer, Jim Karns, who suffered a serious health scare in early February.

Gery Deer (left) and Jim Karns entertain with "Comagic," comedy magic routines during the Brothers show.

Gery Deer (left) and Jim Karns entertain with “Comagic,” comedy magic routines during the Brothers show.

“We put a modern spin on an old kind of entertainment that’s nostalgic and originally presented all at the same time,” said Karns, who joined the group in 2004, also providing comedy and magic. “If you’ve never seen a live variety show, this is something the whole family will really enjoy.”

The show’s manager would like to hear from local venues interested in hosting a Brothers & Co. performance in the coming months. Contact information, photos ,video clips of the show and more are all available at the group’s website, www.thebrothersandcompany.com.

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