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McAfee offers new product for lower energy costs, cleaner indoor air

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Dayton, OH – Forecasters predict a repeat of last year’s severe cold this winter bringing with it higher energy costs for homeowners. To prepare for the arctic blast, people may seal up windows and doors to keep out the blustery weather, but forget how much heat can be lost into attics and crawl spaces because of leaky ductwork.

Sealing up the house also traps harmful contaminants inside, complicating asthma, allergies and other respiratory illnesses. But one Miami Valley company now offers a UL-certified solution that helps to both increase heating efficiency and maintain cleaner indoor air quality.money-houseMcAfee Heating and Air Conditioning now offers Aeroseal, a patented air duct diagnostic and sealing technology. “Duct leaks are commonly the root cause of uneven heating, high energy bills, and poor indoor air quality,” said Greg McAfee, president of the award-winning HVAC company which has served area residents and businesses for more than two decades. “By using Aeroseal technology, McAfee can ensure that all the duct work is sealed properly, improving these areas for concern throughout the home.”

The Aeroseal process works first by using specialized software that allows the technician to accurately measure the duct leakage. Then the escaping air is put under pressure and causes polymer sealant to stick first to the edges of a leak until the leak is closed.

“Aeroseal was recently named one of the top 23 most important energy conservation technologies for consumers by The Department of Energy,” McAfee added. “While there are various duct-sealing methods available, Aeroseal is the most effective because it can reach all leaks, even ones hidden behind walls and under insulation. We are offering this unique process because it can help homeowners improve air quality and furnace efficiency, saving them money and offering peace of mind.”

For more information about McAfee and Aeroseal, call (937) 438-1976 or visit www.mcair.com.

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