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A great day to be outside.

In Local News on June 26, 2022 at 5:32 pm

This was the scene today at Shawnee Lake in Jamestown. It was a warm day of around 82 and windy, but everyone was out enjoying the lake.

TCN Behavioral Health Announces Opening of Hope House

In Local News on June 13, 2022 at 9:25 am

Troy, Ohio –  June 13, 2022 –  TCN Behavioral Health Services, Inc. announces the opening of Hope House, a place where adults struggling with opiate or stimulant use disorder can stay as they begin recovery.

Hope House is a Social Detox Program that is an important part of TCN’s continuum of substance use care. It creates a safe environment staffed by medical professionals and social detox technicians who offer support and comfort to guide residents through the acute stages of opioid and stimulant withdrawal. Prior to being considered for admission to the Hope House, a client will have completed a full assessment at TCN or another certified provider. 

In many cases, a client will begin Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) while at Hope House. “If a person has substance use disorder and is trying to stop and remain abstinent, Medication Assisted Treatment is available for acute withdrawal as well as for the maintenance phase to decrease cravings and help resist the temptation to use,” says Dr. Esam Alkhawaga, Chief Medical Officer at TCN. “MAT uses FDA-approved medications for the withdrawal management of substance use disorder that are safer for the clients, promote recovery and reduce the potential for overdose.”

MAT is administered by a team of professionals including doctors, nurse practitioners, physician’s assistants, nurses, substance use therapists, social detox technicians and peer support specialists.

A typical stay at Hope House is 7-14 days, during which residents live on the premises and commit to following individualized treatment recommendations. Upon discharge, Hope House residents are transported to TCN’s Troy campus located at 1059 North Market Street. Here they work with a counselor to set up the next steps of their recovery plan, which may include a stepped-down level of residential treatment or transitional housing, group or individual therapy, MAT, and community support. TCN currently operates Christopher House, a residential treatment program located in Greene County, and 8 gender-specific recovery houses in Greene, Montgomery, Miami and Logan counties.

Founded in 1990, TCN Behavioral Health Services, Inc. is a comprehensive behavioral health agency dedicated to improving lives by providing clinically excellent and accessible behavioral health services.  TCN provides mental health, substance use and psychiatric services for adults and youth in Miami, Greene, Montgomery, Logan and Champaign counties.  For more information or to donate to TCN call (937)376-8700 or visit www.tcn.org.