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Service Directory

Gary Deer Jr.

Heating and Air Conditioning Services

More than 25 years!

Call (937) 527-9633 or Email gdeer@att.net


Gary Deer & Sons

Our 50th Year Serving Southwest Ohio!

Sawdust Bedding for Dairies and Horse Stables

Call (937) 453-2055


Deer Computer Consulting, Ltd.

On-Site Service For Windows & Apple Since 1998.

Call (937) 902-4857 or email gdeer@deercomputerconsulting.com


D&K Market and Deli

Gas, Diesel, Bait, Lottery, Groceries & Snacks

Full Deli including hot sandwiches, specialty pizza and more!

3542 Jasper Rd, Jamestown, OH 45335

Call (937) 675-3122



Local business directory featuring one representative per occupational category. Must serve the Jamestown area and surrounding communities with no additional fees for the location. First come, first served, and with submitted references, businesses may buy a service listing with their logo and a link to their website for $20 per month. Email us for details:  editor@jamestowncomet.com

Example Advertisement:

GLD_Enterprises_olGLD Enterprises Commercial Writing

Marketing / Public Relations

We provide business communications, public relations and marketing consulting services to businesses of all sizes and industry. More online or call 937-902-4857 for more information.

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