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Referral marketing organization to hold visitors day November 14

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097DAYTON, OH – The Greater Dayton Professionals Chapter of Business Network International (BNI), will hold a visitors day event from 7:30 am to 9:30 am on Thursday, November 14, at the Event Connections, 4140 Linden Avenue in Dayton. The free, no-obligation networking event is open to all entrepreneurs, business managers and sales professionals in the Dayton/Miami Valley region.

The Greater Dayton Professionals BNI Chapter is one of the oldest of 23 in the Miami Valley region. Founded in 1985 by professional networking guru Dr. Ivan Misner, BNI has more than 6,400 chapters world-wide.  According to the leadership team of the Greater Dayton Professionals chapter, BNI’s purpose is to help members create a wide-reaching, profitable referral network free of internal competition, something unavailable from chamber organizations or service clubs.

Along with the open networking opportunity, each participant will have the chance to introduce themselves to the group and give a one-minute sales presentation. Many of the Greater Dayton Professionals BNI members will feature table displays and there will be a special presentation on referral-based marketing by BNI Executive Director Darrel Bender.

Gery L. Deer, of GLD Enterprises Commercial Writing, is the vice president and public relations coordinator for the chapter. “We are interested in meeting highly motivated, professional business leaders who want to increase their sales as much as 30-percent from referral marketing,” Deer says. “This event provides our visitors with the opportunity to observe the process first-hand and see the success achieved by our members.” He also added that so far in 2013, his chapter has passed between them nearly a half-million dollars in closed business.

Using the organizational philosophy called “Givers Gain” members trade in fully-qualified, outside referrals rather than open-ended, unchecked leads. “In order to pass a referral to another member of our chapter, the giver is required to have already communicated with the subject beforehand,” Deer explains. “Qualifying the referral in this way before passing it, rather than giving random leads is what separates BNI from other organizations and nearly assures a closed sale.”

At present, the Greater Dayton Professionals BNI Chapter is looking for applicants to fill a host of classifications including mortgage broker, banker, health insurance provider, property title agency and more.  Visitors to the chapter are encouraged to bring plenty of business cards and invite others to accompany them to the event.

A brief visitor orientation will be held immediately following the business meeting. For more information go online to http://www.greaterdaytonpros.com or contact chapter public relations coordinator, Gery L. Deer, at (937) 902-4857 or email gdeer@gldenterprises.net.

Vanessa Freeman interviews GDP-BNI VP Gery Deer and President Justine Kangas about upcoming visitors day. http://www.wdtn.com/living-dayton/business-network-international

Vanessa Freeman interviews GDP-BNI VP Gery Deer and President Justine Kangas about upcoming visitors day. 

Editor’s Note: Click to view the  LIVING DAYTON interview with Greater Dayton Professionals Chapter President Justine Kangas, of Manning & Associates CPAs and PR Consultant Gery L. Deer discussing the visitors day and the future growth of her BNI chapter. 

Greater Dayton Professionals BNI hosts visitors day April 18

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RIVERSIDE, OH – Members of the Greater Dayton Professionals Chapter of Business Network International (BNI) are hosting a Visitors Day meeting beginning at 7:30 a.m. until 9:30 a.m., Thursday April 18th at The Event Connection, 4140 Linden Ave. in Dayton. Reservations are requested but not required.

BNI is a professional networking organization whose primary purpose is to establish mutually beneficial business relationships resulting in the active exchange of qualified referrals. At more than 6,000 chapters in 51 countries, BNI is the largest organization of its kind. Last year, BNI members generated more than $3.3 billion dollars in closed business.

The Greater Dayton Professionals Chapter of BNI is currently looking for applicants to fill a variety of positions including attorneys, home healthcare providers and electricians, to name a few. In addition to this no cost, no obligation networking opportunity, visitors will be provided a special presentation about the advantages of word-of-mouth, referral marketing presented by BNI Executive Director Jim Weghorst and Assistant Director Sheryl Wagner.

“Last year, members in our chapter exchanged more than a half-million dollars in sales resulting from their participation,” says long-time BNI member Gery L. Deer, the chapter’s secretary treasurer, public relations coordinator and creative director of GLD Enterprises Commercial Writing. “The BNI structure helps members develop or expand a network of professional connections which can grow well beyond the core group to unrealized potential customers.”

“BNI allows only one person per professional category to join each chapter,” Deer says. “The exclusivity of the member’s position eliminates the problem of internal competition so common within other types of networking groups.”

Seating is first come, first served, but reservations are available by calling chapter president Justine Kangas at (937) 898-3167. Visitors are encouraged to bring plenty of business cards and be prepared to stay after the meeting for a short follow-up session. For more information visit the chapter website, www.greaterdaytonpros.com.