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Bullwhip Lessons Offer Unique Valentine’s Day Gift

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“Writer, entertainer Gery L. Deer of Jamestown is offering a unique Valentine’s Day gift idea – Bullwhip Lessons!”

Jamestown, Ohio – Since its inception, men and women have struggled to find the perfect Valentine’s Day gift, often settling for the tired triad of dinner, flowers and candy. Shared activities, however, are enjoyed by both and remembered far longer than some clichéd gift.

One Ohio-based performing arts studio urges couples to forget ballroom dancing and horse-drawn carriage rides this Valentine’s Day and try something new – bullwhip lessons. For the fifth year, The Whip Artistry Studio based in Jamestown, Ohio, is offering special bullwhip handling lessons designed just for couples.

“Whip artistry” is a relatively new concept applied to an ancient skill. The term refers to the use of a bullwhip or stock whip, not just to crack it and make a loud noise, but for precision sport and performance art.

The Whip Artistry Studio opened in 1998 as the only full-time, permanent facility in the United States dedicated to the study of whip arts. The studio is the home base of the Society of American Whip Artistry and operates like a creative arts center, providing certified individual or group lessons and stage performances.

Each year, individuals, couples and even entire families come to The Whip Artistry Studio to learn the whip for fun and sport. Most are hobbyists who are just interested in learning a unique skill. Others are professional performers and stage entertainers who want to add the whip to their repertoire.

Couple’s bullwhip lessons starts with a quick safety overview and covers the basics of whip artistry. Contrary to what one might think, the couple does not crack the whip at each other nor is it used in any dangerous manner. Instead the couple shares a unique experience and learns a new skill together.

Gery L. Deer, an independent writer and nationally-known whip artistry performer and instructor, is the studio’s managing director. “Whips have been around in some form for thousands of years,” says Deer. “They are a fun, precision tool for sport and entertainment and a great activity for couples and families to share; akin to archery, fencing and target shooting.”

An award-winning whip artist of 20 plus years, Deer has coached and performed around the country including Dayton’s Victoria Theatre as well as national television programs like The Bonnie Hunt Show and NBC’s America’s Got Talent. He also develops whip-holstering equipment and specialty training for movie studios and theatrical companies.

Deer says, “Similar to ballroom dancing, whip artistry is learned in steps with basic techniques branching into precision movement. It really is a unique and entertaining activity, and much safer than people might expect.” In addition to training, The Whip Artistry Studio also supplies custom-designed whip accessories for stage, film and television productions.

Couple’s whip lessons start at $85.00 for 90-minutes, including equipment rental. Individual lessons are also available at a reduced cost during this promotion. To get the special rates, a deposit is required and reservations must be made by Tuesday, February 13th,but the actual lesson can be scheduled for any date. Studio hours vary and all activities are by appointment only. For more information go online to The Whip Artistry Studio website http://www.thewhipstudio.com or call (937) 902-4857.