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Referral marketing organization to hold visitors day November 14

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097DAYTON, OH – The Greater Dayton Professionals Chapter of Business Network International (BNI), will hold a visitors day event from 7:30 am to 9:30 am on Thursday, November 14, at the Event Connections, 4140 Linden Avenue in Dayton. The free, no-obligation networking event is open to all entrepreneurs, business managers and sales professionals in the Dayton/Miami Valley region.

The Greater Dayton Professionals BNI Chapter is one of the oldest of 23 in the Miami Valley region. Founded in 1985 by professional networking guru Dr. Ivan Misner, BNI has more than 6,400 chapters world-wide.  According to the leadership team of the Greater Dayton Professionals chapter, BNI’s purpose is to help members create a wide-reaching, profitable referral network free of internal competition, something unavailable from chamber organizations or service clubs.

Along with the open networking opportunity, each participant will have the chance to introduce themselves to the group and give a one-minute sales presentation. Many of the Greater Dayton Professionals BNI members will feature table displays and there will be a special presentation on referral-based marketing by BNI Executive Director Darrel Bender.

Gery L. Deer, of GLD Enterprises Commercial Writing, is the vice president and public relations coordinator for the chapter. “We are interested in meeting highly motivated, professional business leaders who want to increase their sales as much as 30-percent from referral marketing,” Deer says. “This event provides our visitors with the opportunity to observe the process first-hand and see the success achieved by our members.” He also added that so far in 2013, his chapter has passed between them nearly a half-million dollars in closed business.

Using the organizational philosophy called “Givers Gain” members trade in fully-qualified, outside referrals rather than open-ended, unchecked leads. “In order to pass a referral to another member of our chapter, the giver is required to have already communicated with the subject beforehand,” Deer explains. “Qualifying the referral in this way before passing it, rather than giving random leads is what separates BNI from other organizations and nearly assures a closed sale.”

At present, the Greater Dayton Professionals BNI Chapter is looking for applicants to fill a host of classifications including mortgage broker, banker, health insurance provider, property title agency and more.  Visitors to the chapter are encouraged to bring plenty of business cards and invite others to accompany them to the event.

A brief visitor orientation will be held immediately following the business meeting. For more information go online to http://www.greaterdaytonpros.com or contact chapter public relations coordinator, Gery L. Deer, at (937) 902-4857 or email gdeer@gldenterprises.net.

Vanessa Freeman interviews GDP-BNI VP Gery Deer and President Justine Kangas about upcoming visitors day. http://www.wdtn.com/living-dayton/business-network-international

Vanessa Freeman interviews GDP-BNI VP Gery Deer and President Justine Kangas about upcoming visitors day. 

Editor’s Note: Click to view the  LIVING DAYTON interview with Greater Dayton Professionals Chapter President Justine Kangas, of Manning & Associates CPAs and PR Consultant Gery L. Deer discussing the visitors day and the future growth of her BNI chapter. 

Former Dayton television journalist Asa George dead at 34

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Asa George

Asa George, on the set of Fox 45 / ABC 22 News, May 2008. Photo by Gery L. Deer

By Gery L. Deer

Editor, The Jamestown Comet

Former Dayton broadcast journalist Asa George was found dead in her suburban Milwaukee home on September 6 after family members expressed concerns to police regarding her safety. According to a report by the Milwaukee Journal, George’s father, who lives in California, had been unable to reach the 34-year-old for four days and called the local police to check on her.

CBS television affiliate WDJT-TV cited a Milwaukee County Medical Examiner’s Office report stating that firefighters entered the home through a window where they found a badly decomposed female body in a tub full of water. A malnourished boxer dog, two empty vodka bottles and numerous prescription medications were reportedly discovered as well. The body was positively identified as that of Asa George on September 12 after dental records were received from Dayton.

The Journal reported that relatives informed investigators that George had battled alcoholism for several years. Family members reportedly told police that her career had suffered greatly because of her drinking problem, and she had received treatment for it several times.

A press release provided by the West Allis Police Department stated, “Officers, detectives and members of the Milwaukee County Medical Examiner’s Office are investigating to determine the circumstances surrounding this incident to include positive identification and cause/manner of death.”  Although identification has been confirmed, the medical examiner’s office has yet to release a cause of death pending toxicology results.

Asa George was the cover story for the May 29, 2008 edition of the Times Community Newspapers' "Your Home" magazine, written by Gery L. Deer

Asa George was the cover story for the May 29, 2008 edition of the Times Community Newspapers’ “Your Home” magazine, written by Gery L. Deer

Early risers became acquainted with George in 2004, when she became co-anchor on the WKEF-ABC22/WRGT-Fox45 morning news programs. In 2008, Xenia Daily Gazette columnist Gery L. Deer interviewed George for a special spotlight cover story in the Times Community’s Your Home magazine where she opened up about her life and career.

“I was born in Madison, Wisconsin, but only lived there about a year before moving to Houston, Texas,” she said. “I graduated from the University of Texas with a degree in journalism and then on to the University of Salamanca in Spain where I studied Art History and Spanish.” Prior to coming to the Miami Valley, George worked as a reporter in Lincoln, Nebraska, and Austin, Texas.

At the time of the Your Home interview, George seemed content to call Dayton home. “Dayton has been a great place for me,” George said. “I have grown professionally, and people here have been so nice and welcoming. I love the fact that I get to meet so many people, whether through reporting or at charity events.”

George was an avid animal lover and regularly volunteered for the Humane Society of Greater Dayton, doing everything from acting as master of ceremonies at local events to fostering a puppy.  For three consecutive years, she hosted the Furry Scurry and Hair Ball fundraiser events. “Anything the Humane Society needs me to do, I am there for them,” she told Your Home. George was also a great supporter of the local Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.

Television journalism can be an overwhelmingly busy job, but while in Dayton, George always seemed to find time for friends and family. “I love to spend time with friends and eating out; sushi is my favorite, and I also enjoy cooking,” she once said.

Other relaxing time, she explained, was devoted to more active personal endeavors such as riding her motorcycle, painting and lifting weights.  “I also enjoy boxing and riding my motorcycle,” she said. “I also love to travel.” George left Dayton in 2009 and returned to Wisconsin where she held her anchor position at channel 58, WDJT-TV in Milwaukee, before she became a freelancer in 2011.

During her short broadcast career, George was recognized several times for outstanding work. In 2004, she received the Nebraska Associated Press Award for General News and in 2006 was honored by the Ohio Associated Press.

IMG_6310Editorial Note: I had the privilege of knowing Asa George, but only for a very short time. She was always pleasant, fun and thoughtful, a credit to our profession. In light of this terrible tragedy, I hope she finally has peace and wish for everyone to keep her memory bright and honor her life. She will be missed.

– Gery L. Deer

Jamestown business celebrates 15 years with televised ribbon cutting

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Deer In Headlines author and Living Dayton business contributor, Gery L. Deer in the "Stafford Jewelers Diamond Room" at WDTN.

Deer In Headlines author and Living Dayton business contributor, Gery L. Deer in the “Stafford Jewelers Diamond Room” at WDTN.

DAYTON, OH – On Thursday, September 5th, GLD Enterprises Commercial Writing in Jamestown will celebrate 15 years in business with a televised ribbon cutting event on the set of the WDTN-TV2 daytime talk show, Living Dayton. Viewers can see the program live on Dayton channel 2 or streaming online at http://www.livingdaytontv.com.

In March of 1998, Gery L. Deer, of Jamestown, started the business from the spare bedroom of a London, Ohio apartment. Originally called GLD Enterprises & Productions, the company had two areas of focus: on-site computer support and entertainment development. It later expanded into variety talent placement and commercial public relations services.

The name and focus have changed slightly over time and today GLD Enterprises Commercial Writing specializes in communications services for all types and sizes of business including commercial copywriting, public relations and marketing consulting. The company also has two separate divisions for IT support and entertainment development, each serving a limited and exclusive clientele.

In addition to the anniversary celebration, the firm is also launching a totally re-designed website at www.gldenterprises.net and recognizing the addition of its first outside sales and business development specialist. Karen Schroeder joined up in August to help develop house account projects and provide a liaison to the growing community of women-owned companies in the area.

An award-nominated freelance writer and entrepreneur for more than two decades, Deer has also served as the on-air business expert to the Living Dayton program since it started in February of 2012. His educational background is in engineering and writing, but he learned his business sense from his family’s entrepreneurial history.

GLD_Enterprises_ol“We’ve had to make a great many adjustments to the business over the years to keep going, sometimes even altering it into a part-time status,” Deer says. “But this is an important milestone for us and the local economy, particularly since we hire so many other freelance professionals, from graphics artists to research analysts.”

Deer says his company is one of the most streamlined independent businesses in the area. “We do everything we can to save money, get the most from our efforts and act as a partner to our customers in their long-term success,” he says. “We are grateful that we have such a loyal clientele and we hope the next 15 years give us the opportunity to help more Miami Valley businesses succeed and grow.”

More information about GLD Enterprises Commercial Writing and the televised event is available online at www.gldenterprises.net or by calling (937) 902-4857.

50th Annual Annie Oakley Festival features unique Wild West performances

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AOWAS_1GREENVILLE, OH – Internationally famous Wild West performers from all over the United States will headline the 11th Annual Annie Oakley Western Arts Showcase for five live performances July 26-28 in Greenville, Ohio. Bullwhip artists, trick ropers, knife throwers and other experts in the Wild West arts will perform throughout the weekend beginning at 7 p.m. on Friday July 26 at 7 p.m. and followed by two Saturday performances at 1 p.m. and 6 p.m. and two more shows at Noon and 2 p.m. on Sunday. Each show is free with the $3 regular festival admission.

The program is the featured western entertainment at the 50th Annual Annie Oakley Festival, a city-wide celebration of the Darke County sharpshooting legend’s life and times. In addition to exciting performances, Saturday afternoon’s matinee show will include the National Whip Speed and Accuracy Exhibition Competition, the world’s only Bullwhip Fast Draw contest and a couple of world record attempts by some of the whip artists.

Presented in the spirit of the stage-style Wild West shows of the late 19th Century, each production will include some detailed history about how these arts came to be and who still practices them today. Some of the players include Guinness Book World Record holders Robert Dante and Chris Camp (America’s Got Talent, The Tonight Show), champion knife thrower Kirk Bass, of Xenia, Ohio, and his daring wife Melodee in the suspenseful Bass Blades impalement show, and much more.

Gery Deer (left) with Jim Karns in "The Vanishing Bandana" - The Brothers & Co. Variety Show

Gery Deer (left) with Jim Karns in “The Vanishing Bandana” – The Brothers & Co. Variety Show

On Saturday evening at 6 p.m., the Grand Wild West Showcase will feature the regular cast hosted by the music and comedy of The Brothers & Co. Variety Show. “We pull out all the stops on Saturday night,” says Gery L. Deer, an award-winning whip artist, writer and the producer of the Annie Oakley Western Arts Showcase. “The Brothers & Co. Variety Show is a one-of-a-kind musical variety show from a by-gone era, full of comedy, magic, and some of the best four-part music on stage today. There will be nothing else like this anywhere at the festival!”

Often compared to The Statler Brothers or Oak Ridge Boys, The Brothers & Co. offers audiences a brilliant combination of four-part vocals and Vaudeville-style comedy and family-friendly variety routines. Of course, without talented performers, none of this would be possible.

“The Annie Oakley Western Arts Showcase wouldn’t have lasted eleven years if it didn’t exhibit the best western arts entertainment anywhere in the state with real practitioners of each skill,” says Deer, who started the event in Jamestown, Ohio, back in 2002 as a Midwestern convention of western artists. “These are talented performers with genuine ability, no fakery, no tricks. Everything you see in our show is real.”

The event is sponsored by GLD Enterprises Commercial Writing, The Brothers & Co. Entertainers, Culligan of Dayton, and the Annie Oakley Festival Committee. All performances are family friendly and are presented indoors in the upper level of the Darke County Fairground Coliseum, 800 Sweitzer Street in Greenville, Ohio. For links to the festival and sneak previews of the performers plus more information go online to www.ohiowesternarts.org or call (937) 902-4857.

Jamestown music festival to raise money for village park

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Singer, Songwriter 15-year-old Gabrielle Shuh will be featured with The Brothers & Co. Variety Show, just one of the bands performing during Samson’s Summerfest fundraiser for the Jamestown community park.

Singer, Songwriter 15-year-old Gabrielle Shuh will be featured with The Brothers & Co. Variety Show, just one of the bands performing during Samson’s Summerfest fundraiser for the Jamestown community park.


JAMESTOWN, OH – Last year the small, community park at the corner of Adams and Sycamore streets in Jamestown was demolished by the village citing safety concerns. Now, a group of dedicated residents have banded together to raise nearly a half-million dollars for its restoration beginning this month with a summer music festival.

From 11:30AM until Midnight on Saturday, July 20th, Samson’s Summerfest will be held at D&D Farms, 2466 Sutton Rd. in Jamestown, admission donation $10 per car. In addition to the 7 bands performing throughout the day, there will raffles, hourly 50/50 drawings, and professional face painters. A Kids’ Corner is planned as well, $5 for 10 tickets, with prizes for every participant. A bonfire rounds out the evening once the sun goes down.

“I used to play there when I was a kid and I wanted to take my own children there when I moved back to the area but it was torn down,” says event co-organizer Nick Starns. “We only have about $3,000 right now but we need a lot more to replace the park.”

While there is no exact or official figure available, an unnamed source has reported replacing the park’s basketball courts, skate park area, shelter house and other amenities would cost approximately $300,000.

Musical guests include Chained to the Sky, Desalitt, Suicide Ghouls, The Brothers & Co. Variety Show with Gabrielle Shuh, Drifting Aimlessly, and many more. Promotional considerations are provided by D&D Farms and GLD Enterprises Commercial Writing. For more information contact Nick Starns by calling 937-347-7377 or Anita Cheney at 937-675-2383.

(Click here for a video clip from WDTN – Living Dayton featuring Samson’s Summerfest)  Samson’s Summerfest Music Festival

The Suicide Ghouls

The Suicide Ghouls

"Chained to the Sky"

“Chained to the Sky”

NOTICE: The community park benefit concert is a private undertaking by concerned citizens and is in no way endorsed, sanctioned, operated or supported by the Village of Jamestown, the Jamestown Village Council, or the Jamestown Community Park Committee.

Design Sleep in Yellow Springs offers free workshop on the healing power of sleep May 2nd

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Mike Koveleski of Design Sleep and Dr. Alan Barnes from Living Well Spine Center.

Mike Koveleski of Design Sleep and Dr. Alan Barnes from Living Well Spine Center.

Yellow Springs, OH – According to Gallup Poll surveys more than 56-percent of American adults suffer from drowsiness during the daytime. As technology becomes more invasive and stress levels rise, people grow even more sleep deprived. In an effort to help people combat the problem, Design Sleep, LLC, in Yellow Springs, Ohio, has teamed up with Dr. Alan Barnes, of the Living Well Spine Center in Fairborn, to offer a free workshop that may help.

Barnes’ presentation will be at 7PM, Thursday May 2nd in Design Sleep’s showroom, 108 Dayton St. in Yellow Springs. He will cover the many ways sleep deprivation can negatively impact day-to-day life and explain how to achieve more restful, refreshing sleep to improve mental and physical health.

Design Sleep owner Mike Koveleski’s began his career building solid cherry beds, tables and chairs at Scott Jordan Furniture in the Brooklyn Navy Yard of New York. He opened Design Sleep in April of 2004, having left Manhattan following the events of 9/11. Seeking a more suitable place to raise their five children, he and his wife found that and more in Yellow Springs.

“I love people and furniture,” Koveleski says. “I found the most satisfaction and meaning from designing and selling beds because I believe sleep refreshes life.” His education-focused store offers a variety of ergonomic and organic mattresses and bedroom furniture options as well as sleeper sofas and recliners.

Koveleski suggests that most people have no idea how sleep deprived they are nor do they understand how it affects them physically and emotionally. Teaming up with Living Well Spine Center provides the perfect opportunity to enlighten his community and his customers.

Chiropractic science focuses on the structural misalignment of the spine which can compromise the overall function of the nervous system. Poor alignment during sleep can be particularly aggravating – position, posture, and so on – and may affect how the body heals and regulates itself.

“Our goal is to make people care about sleep because as a culture, we do not value sleep,” Koveleski says. “We need proper sleep to heal and most people fail to realize that. Dr. Barnes presentation will make you realize how much we take sleep for granted and how important it is to the healing process.”

There is no cost or obligation associated with the workshop. For more information or to RSVP for the workshop, call 937-767-7567 or email Mike Koveleski at mike@designsleep.com.

Watch the video featuring the two presenters:

Defeating Sleep Deprivation

GCCHD celebrates National Public Health Week with town hall meeting on April 5

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NPHW 2013XENIA, OH –  The Greene County Combined Health District (GCCHD) is celebrating National Public Health Week, April 1-7, 2013. In 1995, former President William Jefferson Clinton proclaimed the first full week of April as National Public Health Week (NPHW).

Each year since then, the public health community has celebrated this observance by focusing on an issue that is important to improving the public’s health.

NPHW focuses its annual effort on a different theme, and this year’s theme is “Public Health is ROI: Save Lives, Save Money.” The 2013 NPHW theme was developed to focus on the return on one’s health investment (ROI) and to highlight the value of prevention and the importance of wellsupported public health systems in preventing disease, saving lives and curbing health care spending.

On Friday, April 5th, a town hall meeting will be held at the Menapace Center for Health Education at Greene Memorial Hospital, 1141 N. Monroe Dr. in Xenia featuring Ohio State Senator Chris Widener (10th District; Madison, Clark and Greene Counties). Senator Widener will speak about the state of healthcare in Ohio and the Governor’s new budget. A Q & A session will follow his address. The event is free and open to the public. It will be from 11:00 a.m. – 11:45 p.m. Light refreshments will be served.

For more information, please call Laurie Fox, Assistant Public Information Officer, at (937) 374-5669 or visit www.nphw.org.

Lois Deer, of Jamestown, dies after long fight with Alzheimer’s disease.

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Lois Deer of Jamestown, 1933 - 2011

Lois Jean (Sutton) Deer, 78, of 1809 Mt. Carmel Rd., Jamestown, passed away quietly on Friday, November 11, from complications related to Alzheimer’s disease.

Lois was born in Kitts Hill, Ohio, near the city of Ironton, to John and Jennie Sutton on September 13, 1933 and raised in Kitts Hill with siblings, Vernon, William, Lyndal, Ruth, Isabel, Gary, and Regina. She married Gary Lee Deer, of Hanging Rock, Ohio, in December of 1951 and raised three children, Gary, Jr., Cathy Jean (Wolf), and Gery, all of whom now reside with their respective spouses, Diana, Robert and Barbara, nearby the family farm in Jamestown.

Lois is survived by her husband and children along with 5 grandchildren, Melissa Van Oss, Jessica (Deer) Simmons, Jodi (Van Oss) Pearce, and Tiffany (Wolf) Knapp, Henry Dill, and three great grand children, Emma, Jonah and Eryn. Also surviving are numerous nieces and nephews, her sister, Regina (Sutton) Marshal, of Riverside, and her sister-in-law, Phyllis (Loper) Sutton, of Ironton.

Over the years Lois and her family lived in Dayton, Fairborn and finally Jamestown, settling there in 1977 where she worked for many years at Curley’s Fine Foods restaurant. Her time was mostly spent raising her children and grandchildren, quilting, gardening and working the family farm and business with Gary.

During the 1990’s, Lois and her family designed and built award-winning parade floats featuring historical scenes from the Jamestown region. Lois was a lifetime member of the Jamestown Area Historical Society and did a great deal to help the early stages of restoration for the Jamestown Opera House.

For the last two years, Lois was cared for at home by her family. Her husband and children express their heartfelt gratitude to niece and cousin, Pamela (Sutton) Suske, who selflessly took on the role of primary caregiver. Her tireless support and personal sacrifices could never be repaid and gave Lois the highest quality of life possible during her long illness.

Services are to be held at Jamestown Presbyterian Church, 61 W Washington St., with visitation 5pm until 8pm, Monday, November 14 and funeral 11:30am, Tuesday, November 15. Graveside services will be at Woodlawn Cemetery, Hussey Rd. in Jefferson Township, just west of Bowersville. In lieu of flowers, the Deer family requests donations in Lois’s name to be made to local Alzheimer’s and dementia advocacy organizations. Cards and letters may be sent c/o Gary Deer 1809 Mt. Carmel Rd., Jamestown.