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Design Sleep in Yellow Springs offers free workshop on the healing power of sleep May 2nd

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Mike Koveleski of Design Sleep and Dr. Alan Barnes from Living Well Spine Center.

Mike Koveleski of Design Sleep and Dr. Alan Barnes from Living Well Spine Center.

Yellow Springs, OH – According to Gallup Poll surveys more than 56-percent of American adults suffer from drowsiness during the daytime. As technology becomes more invasive and stress levels rise, people grow even more sleep deprived. In an effort to help people combat the problem, Design Sleep, LLC, in Yellow Springs, Ohio, has teamed up with Dr. Alan Barnes, of the Living Well Spine Center in Fairborn, to offer a free workshop that may help.

Barnes’ presentation will be at 7PM, Thursday May 2nd in Design Sleep’s showroom, 108 Dayton St. in Yellow Springs. He will cover the many ways sleep deprivation can negatively impact day-to-day life and explain how to achieve more restful, refreshing sleep to improve mental and physical health.

Design Sleep owner Mike Koveleski’s began his career building solid cherry beds, tables and chairs at Scott Jordan Furniture in the Brooklyn Navy Yard of New York. He opened Design Sleep in April of 2004, having left Manhattan following the events of 9/11. Seeking a more suitable place to raise their five children, he and his wife found that and more in Yellow Springs.

“I love people and furniture,” Koveleski says. “I found the most satisfaction and meaning from designing and selling beds because I believe sleep refreshes life.” His education-focused store offers a variety of ergonomic and organic mattresses and bedroom furniture options as well as sleeper sofas and recliners.

Koveleski suggests that most people have no idea how sleep deprived they are nor do they understand how it affects them physically and emotionally. Teaming up with Living Well Spine Center provides the perfect opportunity to enlighten his community and his customers.

Chiropractic science focuses on the structural misalignment of the spine which can compromise the overall function of the nervous system. Poor alignment during sleep can be particularly aggravating – position, posture, and so on – and may affect how the body heals and regulates itself.

“Our goal is to make people care about sleep because as a culture, we do not value sleep,” Koveleski says. “We need proper sleep to heal and most people fail to realize that. Dr. Barnes presentation will make you realize how much we take sleep for granted and how important it is to the healing process.”

There is no cost or obligation associated with the workshop. For more information or to RSVP for the workshop, call 937-767-7567 or email Mike Koveleski at mike@designsleep.com.

Watch the video featuring the two presenters:

Defeating Sleep Deprivation

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